Recycling Lives reports on Gender Pay Gap

Recycling Lives Ltd has released its first Gender Pay Gap Report, sharing the difference in average pay between its male and female employees.

The recycling and waste management business is the largest employer within the Recycling Lives Group, which comprises businesses, a social enterprise and a charity. 

On its snapshot date for reporting, April 5 2018, it employed 303 people – 88% men and 12% women – across its nationwide network of 12 sites.

Its average [median] gender pay gap stood at 8%, meaning men earned more than women on average. However its average [median] bonus gap was -2%, making the average bonus earned by women higher than men’s.

The gender pay gap is a measure of the difference in average earnings between men and women. It is not the same as equal pay, which ensures men and women are paid equally in equal roles regardless of gender.

Recycling Lives Ltd operates in a traditionally male dominated sector with a largely male workforce. However, it has had a number of programmes in place to support women to take up traditionally “male roles” in recent years, seeing some increasing earnings by up to 24%.

It has a growing number of women working in operational roles through both organic and deliberate growth, including its transport manager, operations manager, crane drivers and HGV drivers.

Chief Executive William Fletcher said: “Ours is an organisation with deep-rooted values of equality of opportunity.
“This is traditionally around creating opportunities for vulnerable groups through our social enterprise and charity and offering employment opportunities in our business. But it means we have developed a fair, open and non-discriminatory recruitment process which extends to employing, training and developing women in what is a traditionally male industry.
“We have a growing number of women working right across the business, both in ‘traditional’ and ‘non-traditional’ roles. And we have a growing workforce overall as we create jobs and improve roles through our rapid growth. By having more women join the team, offering opportunities for development to our existing staff and ensuring everyone can have a healthy work life balance, we’re working to close the gap.”

The business is now working to further close its gender pay gap by further improving access to flexible working practices for parents, introducing unconscious bias training for managers making recruitment decisions and developing its practices supporting women returning from maternity leave.

Read the full Gender Pay Gap Report for Recycling Lives Ltd here.