From Red Scar to Recycling Park: Metal department shifts sites

Recycling Lives has moved its main scrap yard and a range of other facilities to another of its sites as part of its growth plan!

Our social business is expanding rapidly, having taken on several new contracts in recent months. This is great news for our customers, who benefit from our comprehensive infrastructure, and our hard-working staff, who enjoy greater stability.  It is also beneficial to the charitable causes that we sustain through our commercial activities.

As a result of the growth, we have moved our main scrap metal yard from the Red Scar Industrial Estate to the Recycling Lives Recycling Park. This will enable us to provide even better service to our customers, with two new weighbridges and an efficient system allocating one weighbridge to wagons only. Waiting times will be greatly reduced as a result.

The reshuffle had been planned for several months, and the new facility – located close to Red Scar – opened to the public on Tuesday 7th May. Along with the metal department, the car depollution bay, car stripping bay, and tyre bay have also moved to the Recycling Park, leaving the waste department at the Red Scar Processing Facility.

The on-site healthy eating cafe, run as a social enterprise by our social welfare charity, is another great reason to make use of the Recycling Park’s facilities. It features a nutritionally balanced menu designed by one of the charity’s Residents, a fully qualified chef who, like all Residents, was homeless when he sought the charity’s support.

At the cafe, there are other Residents working on the staff team. They are boosting their job-related skills whilst learning how to cook healthy meals, and the cafe is proving a useful avenue for Residents whose skills and aspirations lie in catering rather than waste management.

We look forward to receiving even more unwanted metal from household and commercial customers alike at the Recycling Park, which is where all metal should be brought from now on. We have plenty of space to accommodate it, having opened up a further four acres of land.

Chief Executive of Recycling Lives, Steve Jackson OBE, said:

“The metal yard’s move to the Recycling Park is the latest development in Recycling Lives’ growth plan. Our customers’ experience will be enhanced by the extra facilities available at the site, including the excellent social enterprise cafe, which promotes healthy eating.

Not only does it offer the full cafe experience to customers, but it also gives our social welfare charity’s Residents an even better chance of succeeding on their pathway to independent living!”