At the forefront of the Green Revolution

Secretary of State Chris Huhne delivered a speech to the London School of Economics yesterday, where he set out the Coalition Government’s plans for green growth.

In a wide-ranging speech, Mr Huhne spoke of a “third industrial revolution”, a “green revolution”, in which “the global low-carbon and environmental goods and services sector is a £3.2 trillion market – forecast to reach £4 trillion before this Parliament dissolves.”

Mr Huhne argued that harnessing this green revolution is “vital for our future competitiveness.”

In addition to investing in clean, renewable energy sources, Mr Huhne said, the Coalition Government is committed to tackling the “chronic inefficiency” of Britain’s domestic power consumption, with the Green Deal programme expecting to improve energy efficiency in 3.5 million homes, over the next two years.

Commercial recycler and social welfare charity, Recycling Lives, is perfectly placed to be a driving force in the green revolution.

The Recycling Lives Carbon Reduction Department provides a complete carbon reduction solution to both domestic and commercial properties, from initial consultancy to the supply of energy efficient products and materials, ranging from insulation to micro-generation technology.

Recycling Lives Carbon Reduction Department Manager, Steve Lauri, said: “Our service provides a complete carbon reduction solution that is already cutting carbon emissions and saving home owners and businesses money on their energy bills.”

“The importance of creating a green, sustainable future cannot be overstated, and Recycling Lives are poised to help bring that future about.”