Developments in design: Sustainability solutions

Waste management is wonderful! But then, we would say that; as a leading social business in the waste management sector, it would be strange if we didn’t hold that view!

Our commercial operations provide solutions in waste management that are geared towards avoiding landfill, and this is done by ensuring as much waste as possible is recycled. But we also promote reuse over recycling. We feel that the best form of waste management is to reuse waste – either in its existing form or as the basis of something new.

For example, a piece of electronic equipment may be good enough to repair, which means that it can be used again by someone who needs it. But if it is beyond repair, we will break it up into its constituent parts, and the plastic and glass will be processed to make strong beams for the construction industry or tiles that can be used in kitchens and bathrooms.

Designers of consumer products can help to make the above manufacturing processes we use at Recycling Lives commonplace in future by working with recyclers in to design out waste, and create a circular economy.

Material Recycling World reports that Chris Sherwin, Head of Sustainability at designers Seymourpowell, commented at the recent “Product Design + Innovation Conference” on some research his team had been carrying out:

“It has been absolutely a revelation to go and visit a plastic recycler and seeing what happens with the stuff that we design, months or years after what we have produced [is thrown away]. And then, seeing how we can feed what we have learnt back into the design is a revelation and, in a couple of cases, has forced us to change our designs.”

Recycling Lives is pleased to hear that designers are taking notice of the importance of reuse and recycling in minimising waste. With our commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility, we are dedicated to minimising negative environmental impact, and would welcome any designers to collaborate with us when developing new products.

Working in partnership with Recycling Lives is a great way for companies to boost their own Corporate Social Responsibility. Whether they hire us to provide them with our comprehensive waste management solutions or collaborate with us on a project, they will be making a valuable contribution to the local economy, the community, and society.

One of the main ways our work has a positive impact is through the social welfare charity we run, which helps homeless people to find work and accommodation, and transform their lives after living on the streets or being at risk of losing their home. The charity’s six-stage process encompasses all aspects of the Residents’ lives to provide comprehensive solutions.

If you are a design consultancy and you want to design waste out of your products, Recycling Lives can help – with added social value!