Destroying a generation - almost 1 million NEET’s have no barrier to work

A staggering 94 per cent of males and 65 per cent of females considered NEET’s – not in education, employment or training- are fit and capable of working.

Figures show that of the 1,026,000 NEET’s recorded in the third quarter of this year- 149,000 more than five years ago- 802,680 have ‘no identifiable barrier to work.’

Tom Burkard, of the Centre for Policy Studies, said: “Our obsession with equality and extending university education has taken a heavy toll on our youth and destroyed a generation.

“Anything but a middle-class job is denigrated. It’s getting harder to convince these youngsters there’s any reason to work.”

Commercial recycler and social welfare charity, Recycling Lives, is an innovative solution to the national problems of worklessness and welfare dependency.

Recycling Lives provides opportunities for people facing an uncertain future, including the homeless, workless and welfare dependent, to turn their lives around; through accommodation, education, training and work experience.

The Recycling Lives programme creates skilled, confident employees with a strong work ethic.

So far, 100 per cent of individuals who have completed the programme have achieved full time employment and independent living.

The commercial arm of Recycling Lives also provides employment opportunities to the long-term unemployed through a variety of schemes, such as the Future Jobs Fund and Achieve North West.

Recycling Lives Founder and Chairman, Steven Jackson, said: “These figures demonstrate the severity of the problem of deep worklessness and long-term unemployment- particularly amongst young people- in the UK.

 “It is important that everything possible is done to help these individuals into work, including changing attitudes about work wherever necessary.

“Through a number of pathways, Recycling Lives is helping people who often struggled to find the motivation to work, never mind actually find employment, to get into the working world and turn their lives around.”