Casting an eye on IBEX another great Recycling Lives incubator business

Administrative staff from leading document and archive management firm, IBEX, have made the Recycling Lives Centre their new home.

Formed in 2009 following an acquisition of Alexander Young, IBEX provides a range of tailored document archive and management solutions to clients across the North West. The organisation boasts one of the largest archive and document storage facilities in the region and is trusted by over 400 clients to handle confidential and sensitive material with the utmost professionalism.

Lorraine Birch, one of the co-founders of Alexander Young, was retained by IBEX as the company’s managing director. Originally from Preston, Lorraine co-founded Alexander Young 15 years ago with business partner Brian Young, who is now retired.

It is easy to see why IBEX chose to keep Lorraine at the head of the company. Co-founding Alexander Young was a bold move on the part of the ambitious MD, who has since become known for her pro-active approach to business.

Lorraine, who has no post-school qualifications, started out as an office junior on the original YTS Scheme, and progressed through a range of sales positions. While she excelled at the job, it involved long hours and extensive travel, and  there was yearning to have something closer to home.

Since the acquisition, Lorraine has taken IBEX into an exciting period of powerful growth and re-investment, leading to record year-on-year sales, an increase in staff, the creation of a fire-retardant facility for vital documents, and the introduction of a newly digitised management system that allows clients to view their  document holding in real-time and recall paper or digital copies  as required.

As IBEX’s client base has grown, so has the demand for space in the company’s warehouse. In November, Lorraine took the decision to move herself and the other office staff out of the operational space and into one of the incubator suites at the Recycling Lives Centre.

Although she is no longer based in the warehouse itself, Lorraine remains a hands-on managing director with a people-first ethos; knowing how important training and development was for the success of her own career, she ensures that training sessions at IBEX are carried out on a weekly basis and now has a team of 17 staff members in whom she has real confidence.

The future is looking bright for IBEX – with a recent update of literature  and a newly re-designed website, the company is fast becoming a big player in its field, competing on both price and breadth of services offered to clients.

Recycling Lives is pleased to welcome ethical and forward-thinking companies like IBEX to the incubator suites at the Recycling Lives Centre on Essex Street. With energy efficient LED lighting, on-site recycling services and a team of friendly and professional reception staff, the organisation prides itself on offering quality and affordable office space for companies like IBEX that need room to grow.

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