Carnell Group: Collaborating for CSR!

Recycling Lives is delighted to announce that it has acquired a new corporate partner: The Carnell Group, a major provider of specialist support services to the UK’s road network!

Our partnership started at a meeting in Manchester on Preferred Working Partners, attended by our social business, and senior management from the Carnell Group. After the meeting, the Carnell Group contacted Recycling Lives to find out more about our commercial activities in the field of waste management and recycling.

Commercial Manager Mark Simpson extended an invitation to the Chief Executive of the Carnell Group, Darren Nelson, to visit our Preston Head Office. Mr Nelson attended with two members of his senior management team: Managing Director Aidan Clarke and Operations Director Liz Bell.

During the visit, Mr Nelson expressed his commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility, talking about his desire to do something for the community. He was delighted to visit the Recycling Lives social welfare charity and discuss his ideas with Mark Channing, the Charity Manager, Neil Flanagan, the Charity Director, and Adam Ainscough, the Marketing Manager.

The result of this meeting and visit was not only a commercial collaboration between Recycling Lives and the Carnell Group, but also a partnership between the road infrastructure specialists and the social welfare charity!

Heavy engineering work involving drainage and water management is rather strenuous, but the charity’s Residents have a strong work ethic and are keen to learn. This was welcome news to Mr Nelson, who agreed to start offering work placements at the Carnell Group to the charity’s Residents, who used to be homeless and unemployed.

The first placement was set up almost immediately, with Wayne Finch, a Resident whose background is in ground work. Keen to get back into the industry, Wayne had made excellent progress throughout his charity support programme, so the staff were delighted to put him forward as the first candidate for a four-week placement.

Wayne performed so well in his placement that the Carnell Group offered him a position, which he was only too happy to accept! Liz Bell, the Carnell Group’s Operations Director, said:

“Wayne has been working as a site operative on a Highway Depot construction site at Basingstoke and on a drainage remediation scheme in the Midlands. The feedback on Wayne has been excellent – he has proved himself to be an enthusiastic and capable member of the team. He is now working for us full time as a site operative.”

The Recycling Lives social business would like to extend its congratulations to Wayne on his success, which is well deserved. Wayne has children, and is rebuilding his life with a steady girlfriend, as well as building bridges with his family. This has been made possible with the support of the charity, but with this new job, Wayne has achieved a whole new level.

The future is certainly bright for him, with the prospect of gaining his digger licence and going on work-related courses. He is happy to be working for the Carnell Group, and we are immensely pleased that our collaboration with them has yielded such fruitful results.

Of course, we are also delighted to be providing our commercial waste management and recycling services to the Carnell Group. Their commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility means that not only are they interested in boosting employment in the local community, but they are also dedicated to working in a sustainability conscious, eco-friendly way.

When companies such as the Carnell Group choose Recycling Lives for their waste management needs, they are guaranteed first-class service at all times.

They can also be assured that, since Corporate Social Responsibility is built into the very fabric of our social business, underpinning our policies and procedures, they will be adding social value to communities and the local economy by hiring us.

If working in this way appeals to you, and if you would like to offer homeless people who are turning their lives around the opportunity to undertake work placements at your business, contact Recycling Lives today!