Carbon reduction efforts all part of 'Big Society'

Climate Change minister Greg Barker has offered his support to community-oriented carbon reduction initiatives, stating that they ‘epitomise’ the government’s Big Society aims.

Giving a speech at the annual conference of the Combined Heat and Power Association, Mr Barker highlighted the positive impact of introducing renewable energy sources and noted the carbon reduction benefits to be gained from energy efficient solutions.

“With the right combination of incentives and freedoms, community groups, businesses and organisations can get together to build a cleaner, greener future,” the minister said.
This is all good news for Recycling Lives who, as a thought leader in the green energy industry, has recently begun expansions within its Carbon Reduction department.

Our team of experts offers a comprehensive consultancy service to individuals and companies who are seeking to cut their carbon footprint. Taking into account factors such as Energy Performance Certificate code levels and sustainable housing guidelines, our Carbon Reduction experts specialise in identifying bespoke energy efficiency solutions to meet every budget.

And, because we recognise the hidden environmental impacts of eco-retrofits, we look at the environmental impact of often unconsidered factors such as construction materials, the supply chain, recycling waste and project legacy issues. We offer a full training and assessment service to make sure that our clients have the best products to suit them and know how to use them as efficiently as possible.

Working with Recycling Lives not only gives customers the chance to cut their energy costs and help the environment, it allows them to give something back to the community as a whole. We offer voluntary placements, work experience and employment to marginalised members of the community and, through our extensive training schemes, we aim to address the skills gap within the green energy sector.