Bishop sleeps rough to help homeless

The Anglican Bishop of Lancaster spent a night sleeping rough to highlight the plight of the homeless population in his city.

The Right Reverend Geoff Pearson spent a night on the steps of Lancaster Town Hall to protest against the lack of funding for charities providing much needed support and assistance for the homeless.

Bishop Pearson was joined by 17 others from across the city in his night-long sponsored sleep out to raise cash for the 50 or more people known to rough sleep in Lancaster alone.

Commercial recycler and social welfare charity, Recycling Lives, supports Bishop Pearson in his quest to find more life changing opportunities for those members of society facing an uncertain future.

Recycling Lives offers the homeless, the workless, the welfare dependent, the educationally disadvantaged and the socially excluded the opportunity to change their lives for the better; through accommodation, education, training and work experience.

Recycling Lives is so committed to helping ‘invisible people’ gain full time employment and independent living; it is currently working on an expansion plan that will see 50 new Recycling Lives centres created across the UK in the next five years.

The expansion plans in the North West are currently progressing with great momentum as funding for 10 new centres is currently being secured.

Recycling Lives Chairman and Founder Steven Jackson said: “The ‘invisible people’ living on our streets are only telling half the problem of homelessness. There are tens of thousands of people living a homeless and nomadic lifestyle, living on the sofas of loved ones, and make up the vast majority of the homeless population.

“All these people are facing an uncertain future and need help, support and most importantly the opportunity to change their lives for the better. Recycling Lives focuses on offering the opportunities needed to help people back on to their feet and teach them the skills to break the cycle of homelessness and worklessness for themselves.

“Recycling Lives cannot stop homelessness over night but it can help reassure those facing an uncertain future; that a new path is just around the corner.”