Are you permitted to recycle? In Bath, you’d better check!

At the beginning of April, there was a major change in waste management in Bath and North East Somerset, with the introduction of a new recycling permit.

Since the scheme was launched, over 22,000 residents have received the electronic permits, which means they can use the local authority’s three recycling centres located in Bath, Keynsham and Old Welton.

The local authority’s sites had been receiving waste from people living outside the area, which was costing the council approximately £60,000 annually. The aim of the scheme was to save local taxpayers money.

Bath and North East Somerset residents should see the sites’ queuing times decrease, which also ought to please them. Those interested can check the council’s website for details about the scheme.

Councillor David Dixon, Cabinet Member for Neighbourhoods, said:

“The take up of permits within the first month has been fantastic and it’s great to see that Bath and North East Somerset residents are still as keen as ever to recycle.

“The Council is continuing to proactively enforce the new system and if residents try to enter one of the centres without a permit, staff will inform them how to become authorised. The permit scheme is an important way of the Council protecting frontline services for the public by becoming more financially efficient.”

In the current financial climate, with local authorities feeling the pinch, they are looking for ways to save as much money as they can. This permit scheme is clearly going to save Bath and North East Somerset a significant sum.

But at Recycling Lives, we recognise that not everyone has an easily accessible local recycling centre, and they need options. We urge local authorities to strike a balance between minimising costs and making it possible for residents to recycle as much waste as they can.

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