Apple eases the way for customers to update their iDevices

As technology giant Apple unveils its iPhone 5 – described by the company as “the most beautiful thing we’ve ever made” – customers are being offered a range of incentives to reuse or recycle their old iDevices.

Apple has expanded the reach of its iDevice buyback programme and is now happy to buy back iPhone 4S models in the wake of the new iPhone launch. Apple customers can trade in their unwanted technology in return for credit that can be used for Apple products, and the company is also happy to recycle broken iDevices or products with no monetary value free of charge.

Apple’s iDevice recycling programme is a generous incentive for Apple customers, particularly so now that the iPhone 4S has been added to the range of iDevices that can be recycled and exchanged. To sell an iPhone 4S, Apple customers are required to answer a number of questions about the products usability – whether it starts up, whether it has been damaged, and whether the battery works, among other things.

For a fully-functional 32GB iPhone 4S with no water damage and a few scuff-marks, Apple is willing to offer £250 in Apple Store gift cards – extremely reasonable given that a new 32GB iPhone 4S costs around £360 when combined with a 12-month contract from one of the leading UK network suppliers.

The expansion of its iDevice recycling and buyback programme is a positive step for Apple to take, both for the company’s commercial operations and for its environmental agenda.

In the wake of Apple’s newly expanded recycling programme, Recycling Lives would encourage all businesses to reassess their environmental agendas. In an age where eco-friendliness and environmental responsibility are real plus-points for customers, Recycling Lives’ range of recycling and compliance services can help producers and suppliers of electrical and electronic equipment (EEE), as well as companies in other sectors, to expand their Corporate Social Responsibility agenda and offer customers – and potential customers – a new and exciting USP in the form of a recycling and buy-back service.

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