A royal seal of approval

MORE than 250 North West business leaders attended a special ceremony to celebrate Recycling Lives winning a Queen’s Award for Enterprise in Sustainable Development.

Commercial recycler and social welfare charity Recycling Lives was one of only 10 UK businesses to win the prestigious business award in 2010, which was presented by HRH the Queen’s Lancashire representative, Lord-Lieutenant Shuttleworth last Friday.

Representatives from the North West’s most successful businesses including BAE Systems, Envirolink North West and Siemens, enjoyed a champagne reception and networking event at the Essex Street centre.

The official presentation and opening of the building was introduced by Recycling Lives Chief Executive Officer Charles Jackson, who showed his guests the impact the company has had over the last two years in the form of a video.

Lord-Lieutenant Shuttleworth then gave a glowing testimonial of the work Recycling Lives is carrying out, he said: “You don’t need me to tell you that Recycling Lives is a good news story.

“These awards are not easily won, in 2010 no less than 190 companies were considered for the Sustainable Development section, 10 were successful and one of those was Recycling Lives.

“What an inspiring story this is for all in Lancashire and the North West; as Recycling Lives has demonstrated something truly remarkable in social, environmental and commercial sustainability. It is now up to the rest of us to give as much support as possible to the company in the future.”

A sector leader in providing environmental services, new business start up and Corporate Social Responsibility; Recycling Lives has more than 40 years experience in scrap metal recycling, ELV processing and waste electronic equipment recycling.

Recycling Lives Founder and Chairman Steven Jackson OBE accepted the award on behalf of the company, he said: “Recycling Lives is a business model developed specifically to practice sustainable Corporate Social Responsibility. This Royal patronage from HRH the Queen has helped Recycling Lives to gain the support of local authorities and other organisations concerned with social impact throughout the UK.

“At Recycling Lives Preston we have demonstrated that a business with the motivation of creating positive social and environmental change can be just as successful and sustainable as traditional companies focusing on traditional methods of making money.

With help from organisations with strong social investment divisions this legacy is set to expand across the North West with 10 new centres scheduled to start development between 2011 and 2012, each of them will boast their own communities and offer the same level of support as Recycling Lives Preston.”