Andrew helps our transport department run with military precision

The Recycling Lives Transport Department is pleased to welcome a new addition to their team- Transport Co-ordinator Andrew Logan.

Andrew has joined Recycling Lives in order to bolster the existing transport staff, whose workload continues to grow as the company expands. He will assist the team in ensuring that all transport jobs are completed in a timely and efficient manner.

The main challenge to Andrew in his new job may be adjusting back to ‘civvy’ life after a decade in the Armed Forces! During his time serving his country, Andrew spent five years in the Royal Air Force followed by another five in the Army, covering two tours in Afghanistan and three tours in Iraq. He will be well aware of the pressures and requirements of running an efficient transport operation though, having spent much of his time in the Forces driving a tank transporter.

The Transport Department is at the heart of what we do. Our various operational departments- such as CRT, FPD and WEEE recycling- depend on their particular waste streams to function, and the transport department is responsible for bringing those materials onto our sites.

Based at our Red Scar and RLRP sites, the transport department is conveniently situated beside key motorway links.

The department utilises a wide range of GPS-tracked wagons, vans, trailers and transporters, ensuring we always have the right vehicle for the job.