All safe and well after Tyre Bay fire

Disaster was averted recently at Recycling Lives when the company’s staff followed the fire safety procedure correctly during a small fire at the Recycling Lives Centre.

The fire alarm, caused by a faulty washing machine, started in the Tyre Bay staff room. Once the alarm was raised, all 66 people in the building responded in an orderly way, exiting the Recycling Lives Centre and moving quickly to their designated assembly point.

The fire brigade attended to put out the fire, and the washing machine was later scrapped – at Recycling Lives, there’s no escape from recycling, even in the most unusual circumstances!

Fire safety is of paramount importance to Recycling Lives. In the course of our work, we deal with many flammable materials; we undertake regular risk assessments across all departments and ensure that everyone at Recycling Lives receives the appropriate training on Health and Safety. Of course, even when all safety checks are made, and people are trained to keep risk to a minimum, unforeseen circumstances can still come into play — as they did in this case. This small fire has given us the opportunity to review our fire safety procedures here at Recycling Lives, and to confirm that we have the right Health and Safety practices in place.

Recycling Lives would like to congratulate everyone on site for responding so quickly to the fire and following the appropriate fire safety procedures. We also wish to extend our thanks to Preston Fire Service for putting out the fire and preventing any potential further damage. With the quick thinking of our knowledgeable staff, who ensured that the emergency services came to deal with it speedily, the fire was contained and extinguished. Most importantly, no one was hurt – except, perhaps, the washing machine!