A system for sustainability in Leicestershire

Sometimes, something as simple as a new bin with a different coloured lid can spark off a recycling drive amongst local residents.

In the Leicestershire district of Harborough, a three-bin system was introduced back in November, which included a blue-lidded bin. Now, residents can recycle plastic items including bottles, cartons and pots.

The new system has driven up the district’s recycling by 45%. From the previous November to March, there were 1979 tonnes of recycling collected, but from November 2012 to March this year, there were 2880 tonnes recycled.

This encouraging news was announced during Recycle Week, a national initiative to promote recycling. Blake Pain, the Leader of the Council, commented:

“It is important we recognise the fabulous efforts that residents in our district make towards recycling, not just during Recycle Week, but in the past and going forward too. We are the best recycling district in the county and the amount we recycle has increased since the launch of the new bin collection scheme last year.

“We all know the benefits recycling has in environmental terms, but the commitment local residents, including children, have shown to ensure this district leads by example deserves high praise indeed.”

At Recycling Lives, we echo Mr Pain’s comments and would like to extend our congratulations to the local residents who are clearly taking advantage of the services that their local council is offering to them.

This illustrates that, if the right systems are in place, people will do their best to make sure the environment does not suffer. Disposing of waste in a sustainable way is something that people care about.

Consumers are becoming increasingly concerned with the ethical stance of the companies whose goods and services they purchase, so it comes as no surprise to us that they should be so driven to recycle.

At Recycling Lives, we provide a range of waste management and recycling services to our clients, who can always be assured of our commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility. We care about the environment, the community, and the local economy.

We also run a social welfare charity that provides homeless people with the opportunity to gain skills and leave behind life on the streets. Its six-point support programme helps Residents to find accommodation and employment, and undertake training courses.

Our view is that waste is a valuable resource. If used correctly, it can add social value to communities. If you agree, hire Recycling Lives for your waste management needs!