A personal message from Steve Jackson OBE

I’m deeply saddened by the news that my friend Danny Gallagher has had such a tragic accident at his holiday park in the Lake District and now faces and uncertain future in the Royal Preston Hospital. My heart and hopes go out to Danny and his family in this very difficult period.

It’s 10 years this year, since Danny introduced me to the Emmaus charity board in Preston and helped me to understand the difficulties facing homeless and vulnerable people. He was filled with passion and love and the total desire to ensure that a wide variety of support and opportunity was given to this marginalised group of people.

After six months of working with Danny it was clear that we could add value, by developing a dedicated solution to help people gain full time employment, which would lead to independence. And Recycling Lives was born.

Although it’s only a few short years ago, our society was different then and the concept of a business getting involved with social welfare was not as welcome as it is in 2016. Nevertheless, Danny was a champion for Recycling Lives, constantly preaching the thought that business people should get involved with social welfare and work harmoniously to help the plight of homeless people and charity.

Danny used every ounce of his incredible tenacity to get this message across to his peers and colleagues and I’ve always been grateful of him for doing this. On his last visit to our Preston centre only a few weeks ago, it was obvious that Danny was incredibly proud to meet many new ambassadors of the Recycling Lives model, who continue the legacy, that he helped to create.