IT & WEEE Recycling department Increase productivity

It’s been a good month for Recycling Lives’ IT stripping department once again as expansion of the area has allowed for the inclusion of a dedicated stock area.

The IT stripping department has been going from strength to strength recently, and this newest addition to the department will allow for an increased level of process streamlining; important in a recycling facility as large and diverse as Recycling Lives.

The newly dedicated stock area means that a larger amount of in-bound stock can now be stored and sorted on-site, close to the processing line. As a result, unnecessary transportation around the site has been minimised – which is good from both an environmental and a health and safety perspective – and stock now finds its way to the processing floor in a more orderly manner than before.

Although a relatively simple addition to the department, the new system has allowed the department to increase the stripping of PCs from a rate of 12 tonnes a month to a staggering 18 tonnes a month in just four weeks.  In addition to the increased rate of work, the new system enables the department to monitor stock more closely, check for any anomalies before the stock reaches the processing line and improve stock-tracking methods.

The new streamlined system has been put into place on the guidance of Operations Director, Alasdair Jackson, and has proved to be a valuable move for the department as its workload increases. Department leader Paul Ballard and his team have embraced the new system and are confident that this small change will have a big impact on the output of the IT stripping department over the coming months.