Secure destruction at Recycling Lives

Lancashire based social business, Recycling Lives has recently completed the installation of its state of the art metal and WEEE fragmentiser in Preston and is now fully operational. Recycling Lives are now buying metal waste from the trade and require large quantities of ELV’s.

Believed to be the world’s first ‘online’ facility of its kind, it provides a host of additional benefits to existing and future commercial clients. Like many other metal fragmentisers the new installation can process WEEE, general scrap metal and ELV’s, swallowing up whole cars and commercial vehicles in minutes. ‘Unlike’ many other facilities, it can record in high definition the entire destruction process and put it onto the desktop of the Recycling Lives client.

The high-tech installation also permits clients to watch the recycling of their material, which is particularly important where secure destruction is paramount. Commercial clients no longer need to make the journey to site to witness a recycling process taking place, saving the client senior management time and perhaps more importantly in 2014, reducing unnecessary travel costs and carbon emissions.

So the next time Ford need to dispose of a recalled batch of cars, or Bosch, a range of power tools that might fail their strict quality and safety controls; they can simply arrange collection by Recycling Lives and watch the entire destruction process from the comfort of their own office. Knowing that the journey from their site is monitored by satellite navigation, the vehicle arriving is videoed right through to tipping and loading into the fragmentiser. Further HD video then records the entire secure destruction process, again watched online if required via secure terminal. Finally, the precise material out-turns are automatically recorded; both for metallic and nonmetallic components.

The HD file is then downloaded by the client to add to their compliance file for the batch. And that’s not all!

Recycling Lives is the only social business in the recycling sector that fully sustains charity, providing employment to former homeless people, ex armed forces and probation. A fully documented process carried out by a charity, registered by the charity commission, provides a significant annual volume of employment to ‘hard to reach’ sectors of community. In many cases taking people out of a life of street begging and hopelessness, into independent living and employment. It’s this proven success that’s assured Recycling Lives to be winner the Queen’s Award for Enterprise in Sustainable Development… Twice! Our charity enjoys royal patronage and acknowledgement from the British Government, being cited by the Centre for Social Justice as exemplary.

So why is this all important to a client wanting to dispose of WEEE or waste metal?

This question should be answered with a question, “Why would any professional organisation choose any other recycling company, when they can get the best material price, built-in video evidence of Secure destruction by a fully registered compliance scheme AND receive documented social impact by a registered charity to support the organisation’s Corporate Social Responsibility agenda?”

Recycling Lives hope that every member of the public, small and large company and even local authorities, answer this question by choosing Recycling Lives above any other recycling company.