Red Rose Awards 2013 sponsored by Recycling Lives

Sponsored by Recycling Lives and Advantage Waste Brokers, the Lancashire Community Recycling Network’s Red Rose Resource Awards 2013 were celebrated by representatives from local businesses and charitable organisations.

The Awards, which took place on 5th September 2013 at the Global Renewables Education Centre, were attended by a wide variety of businesses. There was a lot of competition from outstanding nominees with awards for organisations including Best New Project, Best Partnership and Best Community Enterprise.

Responsible for sourcing and funding the physical awards which are handed out throughout the evening, Recycling Lives commissioned glass artist, Hannah Kippax to design and make the pieces which were a hit organisers and attendees alike.

Sponsored by Advantage Waste Brokers, the prestigious Red Rose Resource Champion award, which celebrates the commitment and contribution of an individual, was awarded to Janet Nuttall from local charity GIFT 92. The charity has helped over 500 families in the last year alone and will continue to help local people by providing household goods and furniture to those in need.

There are now plans for Residents from the Recycling Lives social welfare charity to visit the Global Renewables facility and Global Renewables are keen to discuss the possibility of opening up work placement opportunities to the Residents.

The Recycling Lives social welfare charity helps homeless men aged 25 and over by providing safe accommodation and training opportunities. In addition to this, Recycling Lives helps Residents to secure suitable work experience opportunities. These work placements are crucial to the on-going success of Residents and we’re grateful to the support of companies such as Global Renewables who are helping Residents to end the cycle of homelessness and return to independent living.

In addition to supporting people via our social welfare charity, Recycling Lives are committed to sustaining additional charities. Our Community Dotcom schemes, such as Bulky Waste, Furniture Donation Network and Scrap Car Network, all operate to support charitable organisations with 100% of revenue going to sustaining charities.

Recycling Lives were pleased to continue our support with Dave Allen, Client Manager at Recycling Lives, commenting:

“Recycling Lives and Advantage Waste Brokers were pleased to sponsor the Red Rose Awards 2013. Having supporting the Awards since their launch three years ago, we’re pleased that they continue to celebrate the success of local businesses and organisations. We look forward to continuing to support the work of local charities and the Red Rose Awards.”