Recycling Lives waves goodbye to transport department legend

After ten years of service as a driver within the company’s transport department, Dave McFadden has waved goodbye to Recycling Lives and hello to his well-earned retirement!

At 67 years old, Dave – or “Mac” as his friends call him – has clocked up a staggering 47 years of experience as a driver, the last ten of which have been spent at Recycling Lives.

A trusted and respected staff member that others look up to, Mac joined Recycling Lives as one of the first 20 staff members. Since then, however, he has seen the company grow and expand almost beyond recognition, but still valuing the family feel it started out with – as well as the hard work and loyalty of its staff members like Mac.

Mac, started driving when he was just 20 years old, and says that he’s loved every day of his career. When he first joined Recycling Lives, Mac spent two years driving the company’s skip wagon, before moving on to become a legend in the field of articulated lorries, which he now says he can reverse better than his own car!

Now he’s got time for himself, Mac, who is married with one child and two grandchildren, is looking forward to living life in the slow lane! Rather than spending hours on the road, he’ll be relaxing at home in the village of Brinscall, where he’s lived his whole life.

His wife, who’s been retired for four years, is thrilled with Mac’s decision to finally call it a working day – it was on her advice that Mac had his home and garden completely revamped, so it’s a life of luxury that awaits! Mac is looking forward to spending some more time in the garden, as well as out walking with his German Shepherd and out socialising with his family.

Steve Jackson OBE, Recycling Lives’s founder and CEO, commented:

“I’m really pleased that Mac has decided to make more time for himself and his family. Like everyone at

Recycling Lives, Mac has worked hard and it’s important to make the decision to retire whilst he’s still in good health and can maximise the additional time on his hands. I wish Mac and his family every happiness for the future.”

Recycling Lives would like to offer its sincere thanks to Mac for being such a brilliant colleague over the last ten years, and to wish him a happy, peaceful retirement.

Thanks, Mac!