Recycling Lives staff at Redscar site caught flashing

As the winter nights draw in, staff at the Recycling Lives Redscar processing and recycling plant have gone one step further to promote safety on site by attaching small flashing lights to their clothing.

With the sun now setting over two hours before the end of the working day at Redscar, it’s crucial for staff to remain highly visible in the high-risk working environment of the processing plant. So, as well as the standard reflective Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), employees are making like Christmas trees and lighting up the site.

Recycling Lives chief executive Charles Jackson supports the innovative visibility solution. He commented, “It’s certainly an interesting approach to the problem of working in a high-risk, outdoor environment as winter draws in. The LED lights on our staff’s protective clothing not only offer a certain festive cheer to the yard, they enable you to see exactly where everyone is and minimise the risks involved in the job.”