Recycling Lives football team takes the trophy

Recycling Lives Football Team is sitting pretty after fighting off the competition to win a football tournament held by one of the company’s corporate partners, Dr Oetker!

Recycling Lives was contacted by the international food giant when one of the teams in its annual football tournament dropped out, leaving the company one team short. As a company that prides itself on its Healthy Living policy and offers staff and Residents free gym access, Recycling Lives was more than happy to step in and fill the breach!

Almost as soon as the call came in, a team of brave employees in the prime of their lives was assembled. Led gallantly by Operations Director, Alasdair Jackson, Chris Wylie from Redscar, Owen Green from the weighbridge, Dafydd Dylan from sales, Clinton Williams from training, Steven Sourbuts and Scott Hamill from the FPD recycling department, and Martin Boyle, Dr Oetker’s Purchasing Manager (who clearly felt he was on to a good thing by defecting to Recycling Lives!), were ready to take on their opponents!

Reminiscing about the team’s glorious victory, Operations Director, Alasdair Jackson, reported back:

“Our motley crew arrived at Dr Oetker expecting nothing, but we got through the group stage and final without conceding a single goal! With the experienced (albeit slightly slower) heads in attack and defence, and the youth running midfield, we just proved to be too much for the opposition!

“On the rare occasion that the defence was breached, Owen and Daf (who shared goalkeeping duties) stood up to the test and fended off all shots. Owen even put his neck on the line for the team at one point and had to have a quick breather!”

The football-mad director continued:

“The final game was a one sided affair with Recycling Lives having 22 shots to three, but the opposing keeper was on fire and stopped everything! Penalties ensued, with Daf saving the first of their efforts (he was trying to get out of the way but the ball hit him). We only needed to score three goals, and Sourbuts, Hammill and Wylie duly obliged. The trophy was ours. Good job really as no-one else could stand up by then!

“I’d like to give a special mention to Chris Wylie, who played in the whole tournament up front without running even a combined ten yards! Actually, that’s not quite true – he did run five yards to stop a fight but quickly ran back again when a very angry looking big bloke came across to sort it out as well!”

The tournament turned out to be a good day for everyone at Recycling Lives – Alasdair’s son Sam came out on top for the Junior Egg and Spoon Race, while Owen’s son, Dade, was crowned champion of the over 10’s!

We’re not sure whether Recycling Lives will be invited back to Dr Oetker to defend its victory, but we know our boys will be ready either way! Thanks to Dr Oetker for the invitation – and, of course, the trophy!