Recycling Lives and Shaw Trust: Placements in partnership

Recycling Lives is delighted to announce that it is working in partnership with Shaw Trust to deliver work placements.

For over 30 years, Shaw Trust has been working to enable disadvantaged and disabled people to overcome discrimination and barriers, and get into work. Its dedication and expertise means that it has grown to become one of the largest Third Sector providers of supported employment services, working with around 18,000 employers.

Work Choice is a government programme that supports clients, on a voluntary basis, with learning, mental health, and overcoming physical disability/barriers to employment.

Shaw Trust is the lead provider of the Work Choice contract, delivering around 60% of the Work Choice provision across the UK.  Work Choice is part funded by the European Social Fund in England, which is investing in jobs and skills – focusing on people who need support the most and helping them fulfil their potential.

A Key Account Manager at the charity, Colin Fox, approached Recycling Lives to gauge our interest in collaborating with them to provide work placements. As a social business with a commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility, we were only too happy to engage in partnership with them.

Likewise, Shaw Trust was pleased with our history of successful work placements and training, which has enabled us to build a comprehensive programme of real benefit to their organisation.

The first cohort of Shaw Trust programme members is already carrying out work at Recycling Lives’ sites, and a second group of workers will follow in the next few weeks. They are carrying out work in waste management and recycling, which includes processing scrap metal and waste electrical and electronic equipment.

The Shaw Trust intake will also have the opportunity to learn about Recycling Lives’ innovative manufacturing processes that have been designed to convert waste plastic and glass into strong beams and attractive tiles, which can be used in the construction industry.

Undertaking the same work as the Recycling Lives staff and Residents, who are themselves doing work placements on site, the Shaw Trust programme members will gain a lot of knowledge about the recycling industry, as well as skills that will enable them to succeed in future.

As Shaw Trust knew when they first contacted us about placements, Recycling Lives has been enabling homeless people to find work and accommodation for the past five years, through its social welfare charity. Through a six-stage support plan, Residents address the problems that have made their lives difficult, and begin a pathway to independence.

A major part of the Residents’ journey towards success revolves around gaining skills and qualifications. Coupling this vital aspect of their lives with meaningful work placements, in which they can gain further skills and boost their confidence, enables them to move on from the charity and make their own way again.

We are pleased to be working with Shaw Trust to open up such opportunities to people outside our social welfare charity, and we wish everyone the greatest success!