Polish trip a Success

Commercial recycler and social welfare charity, Recycling Lives is looking to expand its network of purpose built centres to Poland. 

Recycling Lives Chairman and Founder Steven Jackson has set up a working party, made up of civic leaders and businesses in Preston’s twin town, Kalisz, to identify possible sites and funding to kick-start development. 

 Mr Jackson was part of a delegation that included Preston City Council’s Environment Director Mick Lovatt and Councillor Danny Gallagher. They travelled to the country last week to make a presentation on the concept to officials from its municipality.

Omar Saoudi, a Polish official said: “Recycling Lives performance was brilliant. I think it achieves all the objectives.
“I am now organising a meeting for the local participants and I am hopeful we will be able to take this forward very soon.” 

Recycling Lives can actively break the cycle of worklessness, welfare dependency, social exclusion and education disadvantage; through education, training and work experience. 

It helps those facing an uncertain future to become skilled, develop a strong work ethic and gain valuable experience in the working world. 

Recycling Lives is without doubt a big thing waiting to happen; it addresses key government agendas, outlined by the Regional Development Agencies and the Conservative-Liberal Democrat government, with a single solution. 

It fulfils these objectives by supporting growing businesses, developing a skilled workforce, building communities, improving infrastructure, enhancing quality of life, sustaining development, creating ‘Green’ jobs, improving the environment, stimulating economic growth and encouraging Corporate Social Responsibility. 

Recycling Lives Chairman Steven Jackson said: “The reaction we have got from the people over in Kalisz has been absolutely excellent, they have described it as one of the most exciting projects for stimulating economic development that they had ever come across. 

“The problems in Poland are almost a carbon copy of any other society and it is due to the widespread nature of worklessness.”