On yer bike, Jon!' Kent charity worker raising funds for homelessness

A charity worker from Kent is doing a bike ride to raise money for homeless people. It’s quite a long ride, too: 3000 miles from Kent to Africa!

Jon Limebury, 30, works for Catching Lives, a homelessness charity. He began his gruelling five-week ride on 9th April, in Canterbury, with the goal of raising money for his employer.

Catching Lives provided meaningful, purposeful employment for Jon after he had experienced some difficult times in his life. When he was 12, he was badly affected by some events in his family.

Jon wrote in the Canterbury Times:

“I started binge-drinking, smoking and using drugs. I managed to get some decent GCSEs and even passed my A levels, but my substance misuse became chaotic and consuming upon leaving home.

I broke down by the age of 21 and was clinically depressed. It was with the support of family, friends and a partner that I didn’t become homeless.”

Deciding he would like to help others who may not have benefited from the kind of support network Jon had, he started work at the Scrine Foundation, which later became Catching Lives.
As a Shelter Co-ordinator, John knows how devastating homelessness can be. Raising his £10,000 target for the charity should help them to sustain their vital work.

Recycling Lives is impressed by the level of dedication shown by Jon in cycling to Africa, and we wish him the very best in reaching his goal. As a social business, we know how vital it is to fund organisations that work to overcome problems such as homelessness.

Our commercial operations fund our social welfare charity, which provides accommodation and employment opportunities for homeless people. They have a place to live, and have the chance to eat regular meals, which solves their immediate problems. As charity Residents, they also start to undertake voluntary work and progress to full time paid work when ready.

The Recycling Lives social business plays a major role in the charity’s work, because many of the Residents work on our sites, recycling and processing waste and scrap metal. They learn valuable skills that will help them when they move on from the charity.

They may wish to continue in waste management or explore other avenues; whatever their path, it will be one that they choose, according to their own skill sets and aspirations.
Using Recycling Lives directly helps people who are being supported by our social welfare charity, so if you need to get rid of waste, use our services!

Whether you bring old tyres to our tyre bay or hire a skip to clear your garden, you will be doing something good for your local community and society!