Lincoln is leaving after a decade of dedicated service at Recycling Lives

Recycling Lives will soon be saying goodbye to a long-serving member of staff- Lincoln Leech. Lincoln, who has worked for the company for over ten years, will shortly be stepping back from full time work in order to deal with some health issues.

Lincoln was responsible for property maintenance across all of our sites for seven years. A demanding role, this job had him moving from one site to another fixing, painting, assembling, and generally maintaining the appearance and function of our buildings and facilities. Recycling operations can often cause a lot of wear and tear to facilities, meaning Lincoln had no shortage of work to do, particularly as we began to expand our operations with the opening of our Recycling Park in 2010.

Due to health problems, however, the physical nature of the role became too much for Lincoln and he took on a new role, as Procurement Manager. Based at RLRP, now our main processing and metal buying centre, he was tasked with reducing procurement costs for such necessities such as Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and tools. Lincoln proved a big success in this role, managing to reduce our PPE costs by well over £20,000 per annum! A big part of this success was designing a cost-effective replacement to the gloves worn by staff operating our CRT screen splitter, a potentially dangerous but necessary operation. By replacing one expensive glove that lasted on average only ten days, with a combination of tough inner sleeve and normal outer glove, Lincoln reduced the cost of the gloves from £100 a pair to a mere £9 a pair! A job well done.

Lincoln was also responsible for designing and installing the Community Café at the Recycling Lives Centre Preston. He drew up the plans and designs for the social enterprise venture, using kitchen equipment donated by global giant, and Recycling Lives partner, BAE Systems to fit it out.

Though he won’t be working for us full time anymore, Lincoln will still be around on site from time to time, taking on jobs on an ad hoc basis. Such is his love for the company, we just can’t keep him away!

Speaking about the changes Recycling Lives has undergone over the decade and more he has been with us, Lincoln noted that the company is now far more organised and professional, with a much better sense of direction. He also remarked on the increased levels of comradeship between staff of all levels and jobs- both operational and office staff. We strive to foster a sense of inclusiveness amongst our employees, and want them to understand the social objectives of what we do. Whatever the job role, every one of our employees are contributing towards the fulfilment of those social objectives.

With more time to himself, Lincoln will be able to focus on getting fit and healthy again. We care about our staff- they are our biggest asset- and their health is a priority to us. That’s why we established a free gym for our staff at RLRP, and actively encourage them to pursue healthy activities such as sponsored bicycle rides, football tournaments and even marathons.

Lincoln will also be able to put more time to his hobbies- in particular, singing. He has been taking singing lessons for the last five years, and anyone who has worked alongside him will know he is not too shy to break out into a song or two as he works. His other interests include astronomy and selling on his eBay shop. Lincoln aims to eventually set up his own small business, buying items from house clearance auctions and selling them on eBay.

Lincoln commented:

“It has been an absolute pleasure to work for Recycling Lives, and watch the company grow and develop. I’ve had many great years here and have some fond memories. I will still be around from time to time, and will be keeping up with how the company continues to develop.”

Steven Jackson, OBE, Recycling Lives founder and Chief Executive, added:

“I have known Lincoln for many years and his commitment to the company has been incredible. He is one of the most selfless individuals that I have been fortunate enough to work with and I shall miss his friendly demeanour. Lincoln’s contribution to anything that the business has asked him to do has been 100%, and I genuinely hope that Lincoln remains healthy and enjoys more time for himself and his hobbies. I have no doubt that the two of us shall be in regular communication for many years to come.”