Gemma returns from maternity leave

Having taken time off following the birth of her son, Waste Management Operations Officer, Gemma is set to return to work this week. Recycling Lives is pleased to welcome Gemma back to the office, as her not-so-new arrival continues to grow and thrive!

Having joined the company over three years ago, Gemma has been instrumental in getting the waste management department off the ground and has successfully assisted Recycling Lives Waste Management Department Manager, Ian Drury, in supplying commercial waste skips and setting recycling price rates.

With baby Isaac nearing his first birthday, Gemma decided it was time to return to work and will be back in the Red Scar office this week, where she has been sorely missed.

At Recycling Lives, we’re keen to support our staff members both at the office and at home and always welcome expansions to Recycling Lives team.

So, although he’s a little young at the moment, we hear Isaac is keen to follow in his Mum’s footsteps and we look forward to welcoming him as fully-fledged member of the Recycling Lives team when he’s old enough!