Aaron saves cherished item for family

An eagle-eyed manager has been praised after he retrieved an item of “huge sentimental value” from a car which was moments away from being crushed.

End of vehicle life manager Aaron spotted a military ‘dog tag’ necklace wrapped around the rearview mirror of a vehicle as he depolluted the car prior to it being scrapped at Recycling Lives Recycling Park in Preston.

Aaron put the pendant, which shows the insignia of The Royal Dragoon Guards, to one side as he thought it might be of value to the car’s previous owner.

Sure enough, a day later a frantic call was made to Recycling Lives from a woman in Stockport who was relieved to hear the necklace was in safe keeping.

The memento was given to her by her uncle, who served with the Guards in Afghanistan, and she kept the ‘sentimental’ tag in her car for good luck.

Aaron, said: “I’m so glad it’s going back to its owner. I just saw it on the mirror and thought it would probably mean something to someone.

“It’s not the first time I’ve found stuff of personal value in the cars that were set for crushing. I found a full set of keys for a primary school left in the head teacher’s car.
He drove over straight away – I’ve never seen anyone look as relieved.”