A big congratulations to Simon on his latest accreditation

A big “congratulations!” to Simon on his latest accreditation

Recycling Lives’ trainer, Simon Green, has recently gained a qualification that allows him to deliver training to staff on new types of machinery, including dump trucks, side loaders and skip loaders.

While Simon had previously been awarded ITSSAR certification that allowed him to deliver some training to staff, his new certification level will enable him to train a larger number of staff on a wider range of the equipment and machinery that is crucial to Recycling Lives’ every day operations.

Having passed his qualification in the presence of an external examiner, Simon can now begin to award recognised external accreditations to staff who wish to expand their skills and train in the use of one or more kinds of machinery used on Recycling Lives sites’.

This latest development is another good news story for the Recycling Lives training department and provides Recycling Lives staff and Residents with yet another accredited training opportunity with which to enhance their CVs.

A big “congratulations!” to Simon on his latest accreditation!