Corporate social responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is at the very heart of all that Recycling Lives does.

Our own CSR agenda sees Recycling Lives’ businesses contribute time, resource and intellectual property to enable Recycling Lives’ charity and social enterprises to deliver activities which reduce reoffending, support the homeless and support charities by redistributing food. We are also committed to responsible practice in all our business processes, employment practices, environmental matters, our communications and in supporting other charitable or socially-focussed activities. We work in the best interests of not only our staff and stakeholders, but of the communities we work in, of society as a whole, and of the environment.

Social value relative to annual turnover

We are committed to creating social value - through savings to society generated by our charitable activities - that is equal to or greater than 10% of the business’ annual turnover. Since stating this commitment, we have exceeded it each year - in 2015/16 we created £4.1m social value, against £36m turnover, and in 2016/17 we created £5.2m social value, against £46.5m turnover.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Reporting Social Value

Our annual Social Value Report details the social and financial impact of these programmes, to share with clients, while individual Social Value summaries or certificates tell client’s contribution to our activities, through meals served and savings to society.

Supporting clients’ CSR agendas

Central to our customer offer is the guarantee of creating real social value from every contract we win, allowing our clients to report tangible CSR from their partnerships with us. We do this through the continued investment in and development of our three charitable programmes as well as, where possible, using contracts to enhance our programmes. For example, our HMP Academies process waste streams for clients, creating work opportunities for offenders and enhanced value from contracts for businesses.