Jason's story

Moving into the residential charity was life-changing for Jason.

While it meant leaving his hometown, flat and family, he knew it was a chance to build a better life after being long-term unemployed for years.

“It meant packing in everything but I was stuck in a rut, depressed,” he says. "And now I’m a better person for it."

Jason volunteered and trained across Recycling Lives’ commercial and charitable operations, starting at the Food Redistribution Centre before trying roles in the business, and eventually as a driver’s mate.

Now he is living independently in his own flat, paid for by his full-time job at the Centre while undertaking a Master Drivers course to qualify as a HGV driver.

“They set you up for life at Recycling Lives. Most people will do well if they have that opportunity but it’s just they’re not given that chance, the door is shut on them. Here, you’re given that chance.”