Team Recycling Lives take on the Dragon Boats

A team of employees and directors from Recycling Lives took on the challenge of the summer over the weekend, taking to the water to paddle their way to victory (nearly).

The Preston Dragon Boat Race took place at the Preston Docks, with Recycling Lives competing against 15 other teams. The popular event involves teams of 16, with a drummer to help them keep in time and a professional helmsperson, who steers the boat, all rowing a long, canoe-like boat with dragon carvings at the front.

The Dragon Boat races take place all over the country, including the annual event at the Preston Docks. Altogether, the events have raised over £1 million for charities across the UK.

Recycling Lives were, appropriately, the team in green. With no training or previous rowing experience, it took a while for the team to get the hang of it, but as they got used to the water and managed to coordinate their rowing they became a force to be reckoned with. Their times steadily improved on every heat from 1:18:95 in the first round to 1:03:73 in the minor final – the fourth fastest time of the day.

They raced three heats, before competing in the minor final to establish 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th place. Recycling Lives, quietly confident at their newly discovered rowing talents, came a respectable 6th of the 16 teams competing.

The team was made up of people from different areas of the company. Graeme Slater stepped in last-minute to support the team, whilst Waste Operations Manager Ian Drury had come along to support the team, but found himself donning a green t-shirt and life jacket when one team member had to leave before the minor final.

After the excitement, the team enjoyed a well-deserved celebratory pint after putting their oars down… until next year. Watch this space!