Recycling your Christmas rubbish

Christmas and the New Year is often a time for relaxing – but Councils are working flat out, with collection services and tips being bombarded with everyone’s festive waste!

As 2013 gets underway, there is a lot of extra waste to be collected and managed. During the festive season, people who normally recycle their waste are likely to let their standards slip and throw everything into the black bin instead of separating the food waste, glass, and cardboard – it is all too easy to do when there is so much food, drink and packaging around. Even those who remain committed to being eco-friendly with their extra waste should be careful, since the pretty glitter and other embellishments found on most Christmas wrapping paper and cards make them unsuitable for recycling.

The impact of all this extra waste is made greater by altered collection dates or cancellations over the Christmas and New Year period, meaning some people have to wait up to a month to have their bins emptied.

For people who have overflowing bins and sheds that contain more discarded packaging than gardening equipment, it can be frustrating to wait for the refuse collectors to come round, or to join the queue of vehicles at the local tip.

Recycling Lives provided advice on how to reduce waste over Christmas, and now it’s the New Year, it is time for us to tell you how we can help you to rid your house of rubbish! We offer a range of ways for people to get rid of their household waste, including scrap metal and plastic. Our Essex Street site in Preston is a Designated Collection Facility (DCF), which means that we can also process waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) in an environmentally sustainable way, separating it into different categories (e.g. small domestic appliances, such as irons; and cooling equipment, such as fridges).

As a social business, Recycling Lives is also committed to sustaining charity through metal and waste recycling. We assist people who have been homeless and who are at risk of homelessness, providing a package of support that includes accommodation, training and employment, through the Recycling Lives social welfare charity. We also support a range of other UK charities through our Community Dotcom schemes – so using Recycling Lives to dispose of your extra rubbish at this time of year is a win-win situation for all concerned.

But it’s not just at this time of year that we need to think about how we manage our waste. We use plastic, cardboard and paper throughout the year – and too many people are still not recycling it. So let’s all make a New Year’s resolution to recycle as much as we can!