Recycling Lives at the RHS Hampton Court Show

Recycling Lives are excited to announce that our Charity will have a themed garden display at the upcoming RHS Hampton Court Show. Everest will be showcasing us and 3 other charities through their sponsorship of the RHS Hampton Court Show. We are very excited about the show, which runs 5 – 10 July. This event provides Recycling Lives with a chance to showcase the excellent work of our social welfare charity in front of an audience that might not normally have the chance to learn about what we do.

2016 has been a good year so far for the growth and development of the Recycling Lives HMP Academy Programme. So far, the programme has grown from five offenders working for Recycling Lives within Kirkham prison, to us having Academies installed at 7 Prisons, with plans to increase this up to 10 by 2017. When fully deployed, our Recycling Lives HMP Academy will enable Recycling Lives to provide employment opportunities to over 250 men and women.

We will continue to develop the employment opportunities we can provide as prisoners are released. Recycling Lives want to ensure that everyone has a genuine opportunity to reintegrate into society and to escape the cycle of re-offending. Recycling Lives will be working to significantly expand our network of employment partners. We will ensure that ex-offenders, who are committed to rehabilitation, are given the opportunity to progress. Initially this will be within Recycling Lives, but then hopefully being able to progress their careers with opportunities from our corporate partners.

We are delighted to have the chance to work more closely with our Corporate Partner Everest. At Recycling Lives, we use profit from our commercial activities to help to sustain our Charity, therefore we are dependent on building strong partnerships with other socially minded businesses. Everest are a natural fit for Recycling Lives, as we both value being innovative and efficient in the solutions we present to our customers, whilst ensuring that we recycle wherever possible. In fact the chance to work more closely with Everest, in terms of a total waste management solution, would be an ideal outcome for Recycling Lives in this relationship.

Consequently, we are thrilled that everyone at the Show will have the chance to learn about the 4 cornerstones of our Charity, and the great work that is happening across Lancashire and Cumbria, as we help to provide valuable support to our community.

  1. Residential care with a 6-stage rehabilitation programme structured to deliver the necessary life and employment skills, in addition to qualifications recognised across the European Union, which result in guaranteed employment.
  2. Full-time employment at living-wage or greater, for all those people completing the 6-stage programme in addition to many employees from vulnerable or marginalised groups. A totally inclusive approach to employment including built-in opportunity for social mobility.
  3. The Recycling Lives HMP Academy, in which offenders are trained and mentored into full-time employment and a life without crime.
  4. The Recycling Lives Food Distribution Centre (incorporating FareShare) from where we distribute tonnes of surplus food into charitable organisations, providing healthy nutritious meals to 4500 people every week.

We hope to see you all at The Show!