A decade at Recycling Lives

Alasdair Jackson- currently Operations Director- and Weighbridge Operative Owen Green joined the company in 2003, within a week of one another.

With a history in retail management, Alasdair began as general manager for Autobreakers. During his tenure, he helped to grow Autobreakers from six staff members to 25, and increase turnover by 300 percent.

In 2008, Alasdair became Operations Director for Recycling Lives. This job requires him to work with a variety of people across the company, on a wide range of projects, using his expertise and management skills to ensure the company operations run smoothly.

“It is great to be part of such a rapidly-growing company with a good vision for the future,” Alasdair said, “I can’t believe how far we have come over the last few years, particularly with us coming through a recession. I absolutely love the company and my job. The most gratifying part of it is when I see people working their way up and developing within the company, especially when they have struggled to find employment in the past.”

Owen Green joined the company a week before Alasdair- which he often uses to wind up his long-time colleague.

After leaving college early, Owen worked a number of different jobs. With two children to support, though, he knew he needed something more stable. A friend told him about a position at Preston Recycling and, despite having very little knowledge of cars, he managed to talk his way into a job working on the Depollution Rig.

Over the years, Owen worked in a number of jobs in the company, giving him a good all-round knowledge of the company and the industry. This knowledge came in handy when he took up a position on the weighbridge. This was a difficult and demanding job that required him to learn by doing and work under a lot of pressure. He had to handle a lot of cash and deal with customers who often tried to ‘pull a fast one.’ He says it took around 12 months before customers even started to trust him!

Owen is still working on the weighbridge- now at our RLRP site- but recent laws and legislation, such as the ban on cash payments for scrap metal, has made his job much more straight forward. He still has to deal with customers trying to get cash for scrap or using incorrect ID, which keeps him on his toes.

“The staff here are like one big family,” Owen says of why he loves his job, “it is a very sociable place to work and I get to deal with a lot of regular customers. It has been great to be part of a growing company, and the massive changes we have undergone over the last ten years have been a big part of keeping me interested and wanting to stay here. I can’t see myself going anywhere.”

With Recycling Lives continuing to grow- including the recent launch of the Scrap Car Network– both Alasdair and Owen should have enough new challenges to keep them on board for another ten years!