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Recycling WEEE

All Recycling Lives facilities have the capacity to accept Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) from both the general public and commercial businesses, to be passed on to our specialist WEEE division for processing.

In addition to working with WEEE compliance schemes throughout the country, we also operate our own producer compliance schemes, Advantage Waste Brokers and WE3; this enables us to handle any customer requirements, from one-off collections to high-capacity WEEE contracts.

Processing WEEE

Recycling Lives have developed a specialist WEEE processing line in order to provide a solution to the vast quantities of waste electrical and electronic equipment that is generated each year.

The WEEE is separated by our trained employees using a sophisticated WEEE shredding system, separating ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals and non-metals. We aim to ensure that as much waste material as possible is diverted from landfill.

This processing system offers an effective solution for the recycling of all domestic and commercial electrical and electronic equipment in accordance with EU legislation. We remove recyclable materials from the waste stream and the processed materials eventually re-enter the manufacturing process. Recycled materials used in manufacturing offer a reduced carbon footprint.

Health & Safety and Quality Assurance

Our busy WEEE recycling facilities are managed to ensure the highest standards of quality and safe working practices.

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