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Recycling CRT

Recycling Lives have developed a unique Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) processing system. Old televisions and computer monitors, which contain CRT’s, can be accepted at any of our sites to be passed on to our specialist CRT department for processing, thus reducing waste from CRT’s going to landfill.

Our specially designed vehicles can also collect items throughout the UK.

Processing CRTs

Once they have reached our CRT division, the units are put through a sophisticated testing procedure before being dismantled safely and responsibly by our trained and qualified employees. Units are dismantled in accordance with all relevant UK and EU legislation, and with the best available treatment, recovery and recycling techniques.

The CRT’s themselves are separated using a thermo-shock, hot-wire separating technique to recover front panel glass from the leaded funnel section.

Each unit is tracked using a bespoke bar-coding system, ensuring a fully transparent audit trail for our customers.

Closed Loop Recycling- Glass Tiles

As part of our commitment to reusing waste materials wherever possible, Recycling Lives have developed a new creative product that is made using crushed glass- a by-product of our CRT processing system.

This recycled crushed glass- taken from televisions and computer monitors- is used to make glass tiles that offer a sustainable, attractive and commercially viable alternative to products made from granite, marble, ceramics and synthetic materials.

This is ‘closed loop recycling’ in action.

These tiles can be massed-produced in the UK.

Health & Safety and Quality Assurance

Our busy recycling yards are managed to ensure the highest standards of quality and safe working practices.

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