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The community

At Recycling Lives, we have a commitment to improving the local community.

The Recycling Lives Centres are at the heart of our work with the community, acting as a community resource as well as a place of work, learning and living.

The Recycling Lives Centres:

  • Provide a home to those who were once homeless
  • Employ local people
  • Educate the local community
  • Host community events
  • House small businesses and social enterprises

The Recycling Lives Centres follow a basic model.

Centres carry out core activities that ensure financial sustainability and provide solutions to fundamental community issues. Each centre has a range of methods to engage with other local businesses and charities.

The First Recycling Lives Centre

The first Recycling Lives Centre was built on a derelict piece of land close to Preston City Centre. It replaced a ruined training building that was often targeted by vandals and petty criminals.

Just one year after opening its doors, the first Recycling Lives Centre in Preston has attracted over 10,000 people to use the once derelict site.

The new Recycling Centre is modern and attractive. Its grounds are clean and well maintained.

A piece of land that was once a blemish on the local community now attracts over 130 people per day.

Encouraging New Businesses

One of the main aims of the Recycling Lives Centres is to stimulate the local economy. The best way to do this is by actively encouraging any new business start-up and thus helping to create new jobs.

Recycling Lives encourages entrepreneurialism and supports those people with an ambition to go into business, regardless of their academic qualifications or background. We do this by making high quality office rent space at low rates available to start-up businesses, along with mentoring and business support.

Change in the Making

The opportunities made available within each Recycling Lives Centre have proven to deliver positive effects on a local community – they are a true catalyst for change.

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