The Queens Awards for Enterprise: Sustainable Development

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At Recycling Lives we believe that everyone, including commercial businesses such as ourselves, have an obligation to undertake a social agenda in their local area – improving the environment; the local economy; and society.

We have built a unique Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) model to reflect this attitude.

  • Our policies

    Recycling Lives company policies Our company policies are testament to our transparent approach to quality commitment and are clear evidence of the high standard we aim to achieve – without fail. In addition, we comply to the Waste Regulations 2011. Share this pageTweetFacebookLinkedIn

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  • A Queen’s Award-winning organisation

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    Recycling Lives Limited is proud to be a two-time winner of the prestigious Queen’s Award for Enterprise in Sustainable Development. 2010 The Queen’s Award for Enterprise panel only presents this honour to a handful of organisations each year: organisations that are judged to have demonstrated commercially successful products, services and approaches to management that have major benefits for the environment, society and the wider economy. Our first Queen’s Award – …

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  • Our ethos

    Recycling Lives believes in leading by example, working to improve our society and the environment, whilst remaining profitable and sustainable.

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  • Employees

    Recycling Lives can only deliver the opportunities it does thanks to our dedicated work force, who we reward with as many opportunities as possible. We are committed to providing opportunities for our employee’s development through ongoing employee development and training. We have a very low turnover rate, and our staff morale is extremely high.

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  • Sustainability

    At Recycling Lives we believe that we have a responsibility to the environment and to society. We are constantly working to ensure our operations are as environmentally responsible as possible, providing ‘Green Solutions’ through our ‘closed loop recycling’ systems.

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  • The environment

    As a company with a focus on recycling and waste management, Recycling Lives’ core commercial interests are providing ‘Green Solutions’, recycling and re-using waste and therefore diverting it from landfill. We have a commitment to improving the environment by reducing waste in landfill.

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  • The community

    At Recycling Lives, we have a commitment to improving the local community. The Recycling Lives Centres are at the heart of our work with the community, acting as a community resource as well as a place of work, learning and living.

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  • Recycling

    Recycling Lives is committed to making a positive impact on the environment, and have become leaders in the recycling industry and demonstrating CSR.

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