Changing Lives

Anyone can become homeless. Residents have joined Recycling Lives from homeless shelters, prisons and the armed forces. Recycling Lives offers life-changing opportunities to those facing an uncertain future.


Supporting. Inspiring. Employing.

This is the motto of the Recycling Lives charity.

Residents are simply people who’ve lost their way. They could be ex-armed forces personnel, or ex-offenders, simply struggling to reintegrate with society.

They could be individuals who have fallen by the wayside after suffering personal loss or debt problems, or people who have become trapped in a cycle of homelessness, unemployment and welfare dependency.

We believe anyone with the desire to get back into work, gain an education and change their life for the better should be able to. And now they can, with the Recycling Lives residential programme.


Recycling Lives Social Welfare Charity in 2016

People already helped in returning to independent living via our charity.
Of Residents are registered as homeless when they begin.
Success rate, with only 20% being signposted for further help.
Successful participants equates to £1m annual social return to society.



We provide safe, stable accomodation in an environment that helps Residents regain confidence and build the skills they need to live independantly again.


Education & Training

We provide our Residents with a range of training opportunities to develop life skills, nurture a good work ethic and increase their employability.


Work Experience

Our corporate partners provide meaningful work experience for Residents by using our services, or volunteering positions within their company.

Help us to give another person the help they need by referring them to us.

Recycling Lives offers support to adults aged 25 or older that are homeless, or are in danger of becoming homeless. We are fully committed to an equal opportunities policy and do not discriminate on grounds of social status, *past criminal convictions, gender, marital status, age, race, colour, nationality, ethnic or national origin, religion or belief, political opinion, disability or sexual orientation.

* In order to protect all our Residents we normally preclude the following applicants: Anyone who has a history of bullying or that demonstrates a pattern of violent behaviour. Anyone currently enduring mental health issues. Anyone abusing street drugs or with a current physical or psychological dependence to alcohol. Please note applicants may be considered if they have recently completed detoxification or rehabilitation and regularly participate in an appropriate support programme within the community. Anyone who has a history of arson. Anyone who is identified as posing a risk to children or is a registered sex offender.

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