Recycling is in our blood

We are proud of our heritage and our passion to use everything we know to help others. See how we became a national leader in recycling, commercial waste management, and corporate social responsibility.


Our journey began at the Golden Hill scrap metal and skip hire business…

Golden Hill was owned and operated by Recycling Live’s President, Terry Jackson – father of Recycling Live’s CEO Steven Jackson. Steven and his brother, Danny, began working for their dad and uncle Charles at an early age, and continued to do so for many years.

This real-life experience gave Steven and Danny the business acumen, skills and appetite to drive themselves forward. These strong family roots and humble beginnings – regularly working alongside the ‘Tatters’, scrap metal merchants who were often homeless and living hand-to-mouth – have always stayed with the brothers.

Determination, hard work and drive…

Golden Hill was a family-run business, maturing steadily after years of hard work. Steven had flown the nest in 1995 to pursue his dreams and after a few testing years enjoyed considerable success, giving him a firm footing in, and understanding of, the commercial world.

It wasn’t long until Steven felt a pull back to the family business, wanting to apply his tried and tested business knowledge to help his father’s business grow and succeed, this time as a partner…

The domino effect…

Shortly after Steve rejoined the business it started to grow, acquiring other local scrap and skip hire companies.The dominos had started to fall and were to be unified under the name ‘Preston Recycling Limited’. The acquisition and unification of these companies proved to be a success, under the daily management of Danny and Charles with strategic guidance from Terry and Steve.

And Steve had other personal plans to implement, which would ultimately make that growth exponential…

The dot com era

Steven’s own successes in the business world had been through pioneering the very bleeding edge of the internet. He applied this knowledge to the recycling business and formed - a nationwide recycling network and knowledge centre.

More than just metal

Giving back to those most in-need was always a part of Steven’s thinking… It’s ultimately what inspired the creation of Recycling Lives.

In 2005, Steve was approached by homeless charity Emmaus, which was considering establishing a community in Preston. Through these discussions, Steve was introduced to Terry Waite CBE – a meeting that was to change the course of Steven’s thinking – and many lives – forever.

Terry was impressed by Steven’s imaginative and fresh approach to the issue of homelessness, seeing that homelessness itself was not the problem, but the effect of a individuals experiencing a myriad of complex problems.

After speaking to Terry Waite – and hearing how he was working to combat these and other humanitarian issues – Steven was inspired to find a new way to help tackle homelessness.

Determined to make a difference, and full of ideas on how he could use his skills and experience to help vulnerable people to change their lives, Steven began work on a new kind of ‘recycling’ project: Recycling Lives.

When Recycling Lives was created, it immediately resonated with people and became a beacon of hope for those in need.

The Recycling Lives UK social welfare charity was designed to be funded by the commercial success of Recycling Lives Ltd; the new entity created by absorbing Preston Recycling Ltd.

The charity offers disadvantaged people a holistic six-stage programme of accommodation, training, education and work experience opportunities, which guarantees permanent work and accommodation of their own.

This unique social business model was at first difficult from some traditionalists to embrace, but with £3m invested from their own companies, Steve and his family were able to build the first Recycling Lives centre in Preston. The centre opened in 2009 and continues to house individuals who would otherwise be homeless – as well as many other award-winning, community focused projects.

Steven, pictured at the construction site of Recycling Lives Headquaters in Preston.