Supporting a Circular Economy

The time for talking is over. The linear approach to manufacturing, distribution and disposal is unsustainable. This is why Recycling Lives are at the forefront of the U.K’s emerging Circular Economy.


Protecting your Economy and Environment.

There are two types of economic “beginning to end” models: The first is the traditional, “Linear” model, where goods are manufactured, used/consumed, then disposed of. The second is the “Circular” model, where goods are manufactured, used, then repaired, re-used, ¬†recycled, or transformed into EFW (Energy From Waste).

But what’s the difference? Let’s use the idiom “apples to apples” to take a look at a glance… In the UK every day, 4.4m apples are thrown away. Apples are normally standardised to be 7.5cm in diameter. That means in a single day, with the amount of apples we throw away lined one next to the other, we could reach Istanbul from London, and go entirely around the globe in just 3 days. That’s a lot of space. By using the circular economic model, we can save that space (and waste) by feeding thousands of people with the good apples, and incinerating the rest to provide up to 2.8 megawatts of energy… enough to power 1820 homes. And that’s just apples…

Why not take a look at some of our innovative re-use methodologies such as the enviroblock?

Recycling Lives own and operate the only online Fragmentiser in the UK. It automatically recycles all input waste into their component materials – meaning we avoid landfill more than any competitor, and have a more effective process at recovering reusable raw materials.

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